Monthly Archives: January 2008

Are they all yours?


So, this is my blog. Hmmm. I had better write something interesting here so noone will be bored. I usually blog on myspace, but I think this is gonna be the bee’s knees.

I’ll start with telling you why I named my blog “are they all yours?” Today, I was taking a casual trip to the Wal-mart and I had the side door of my momvan, ok minivan, open and you could see the sea of children bouncin’ around inside. This young gentlemen had pulled up beside me in the next space and said “you sure have a van-load there!” Well, you know, I never noticed that before, thanks for pointin’ that out kind sir. So, he was nice enough and proceeded to tell me him and his wife are expecting their first child and he wonders how he will handle the one kid. I just laughed, pretty much at him, and told him he’d be great at it. Oh the excitement of an almost Dad. So, that was the first stranger to stop me and chit-chat about my seemingly enormous amount of kids.

Next, we are trucking through the store gathering groceries, me and my paparrazi; that is what I so affectionately call the kids now, only they don’t have cameras to blind me and catch my every move in horrific detail. Doing good, no ugly stares, just older ladies that smile at me as if to say, “lady, I know EVERYTHING you are going through, been there, done that.”

Then we reach our final destination: the checkout lane. The young cashier looks at me incredulously as we stroll up to the counter and asks, “are they all yours?” I look at her and say, “yes, they are.” You know, I have had a few times where I wanted to tell people in the past who have asked, “nope, just found a few stragglers on the produce aisle.” I mean -hello! Do not most of them have my brown hair? Ok, so we do have a blondie with blue eyes and I am still laughing about it because God has a wonderful sense of humor and sure likes to throw us some curve balls at times. And if there ever was a curve ball, it’s Parker. He is all boy and all that that implies. I adore him.

Just FYI, the next time you see a woman trucking through the store with a basket full of babies, and another being pushed by an obedient child in tow, think of me. Just a normal mom out doing her grocery shopping without the luxury of paying a sitter to stay home with her kids. 

What will I say the next time I am asked, “are they all yours?.”  Well, I am tempted to say a lot of things but, the most honest and simple answer I can think of is this: “yes they are all mine and I am blessed by God to have them.”