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Awww Moments


This week Samantha has been at church camp and we have had only 4 kids to contend with! It has been a bit quieter and Noah and Lizzie have played quite well together. They are only 15 months apart in age so they have always been close.

Today I was doing dishes while they were both playing “kitchen.” Lizzie was trying to talk to me and Noah kept saying, “Lizzie, Lizzie,” trying to tell her something. When she was done talking to me, I went back to doing my dishes and it got quiet. I asked Noah if he had talked to Lizzie like he was needing to and he said yeah. Lizzie says, “he told me he loved me.” AWWWWWWW! My heart just melted on the spot. The curious part of me asked him, “Noah, why did you just go up to her and tell her that?”, thinking maybe there was an ulterior motive. He said, “because she hurt herself a few minutes ago.” (which she did)

I have many days where I know I miss the mark at being a good mom. I feel like I have no clue what I am doing and that my kids will grow up to be ungreatful, irresponsible people. But when you witness their compassion and kindness toward another, you realize that at least some of what you have taught has reached their little hearts.

The 10th year


Well, 10 years ago I was an uncomfortable, very pregnant young lady awaiting the arrival of my first baby. God blessed us with Samantha 6 days after her due date after a rather scary labor experience. I had spent all of my day in OB hooked up to those most *comfy* fetal monitors and my labor had been artificially provoked, let’s put it that way. Sometime between 7 and 8 pm, little Sam was starting to get deprived of oxygen and the doc was pretty anxious about getting her delivered. So, there I was, 19 and had not even thought to read up on cesearean sections, which thinking back on it was probably a blessing in disguise.  Finally at 8:27 pm, July 22, 1998, our beautiful daughter Samantha was born. She was so gorgeous and when I heard that first tiny cry, I cried too. What we later found out was that her umbilical cord was very short and that was what caused the lack of oxygen. Thank God she was just fine.

She will be 10 in a couple weeks and I was remembering some of the funny things she has said in the past 10 years. The funniest one was when she was 3 years old, and I will type our little conversation for you here:

Me (watching Sam try to leave out front door): Samantha, get back in the house!

Sam (standing at front door trying to get out): No, I don’t want to come in!

Me: Sam, you need to come inside the house and behave…(or something like that)

Sam (leaning out front door to listen): Hold on Momma, “What’d you say Jesus?”

Sam: “Momma, Jesus told me to go outside and not behave.”

I will never forget that as long as I live. Also, when she was little, we’d tell her to behave and she’d promptly reply, “I am have,”  prounouced hayve. Funny girl.

My girl

My girl


Last week the oldest kids were in Arkansas visiting family and when they got back Samantha was pretty happy. She had a great time but she told me, “I’m glad to be home. It’s just not the same.”

I hope she’ll still be saying that in 10 more years.

School is out….almost!


For Jeremy that is. He will officially be done with school on July 6. I cannot wait. He has worked his bum off for the past 2 years and I must give him props. Let me back up.

When we found out we were expecting not one, but two more babies, we decided that his associate’s degree wouldn’t be good for much afterall. SO, he embarked on an online degree adventure that will net him a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems, with a specialty in Software Engineering. This will, God willing, allow him an entry-level position in an IT dept. making more moola than he makes now. We have been job searching already, and let me tell ya folks, there isn’t a high demand for IT professionals in good ol’ Sufferin’ Springs, Texas. We hate to even think about moving away, but we may just have to. We are praying for God’s direction and for the job we KNOW He has waiting for Jeremy.

I am extremely proud of my husband. The only viable way for him to obtain the bachelor’s degree was to take classes online, which is no easy feat. He takes 5 week classes and is on the computer no less than 20-30 hours per week. This is in addition to his 40 hour plus per week job and raising a family. I admire his work ethic; I wish I had more of it! In a time when so many 20-something guys would just give up and be lazy and not take care of their families, my husband has more than stepped up to the plate. I am a very lucky girl! We have 5 very lucky kids with a daddy who works hard for them. Not only does he take care of us, but he also helps to support my sister and her 4 boys whose father has not stepped up to the plate. He has essentially been raising 9 kids over the past 8 months. My heart is heavy when I think of the burden on Jeremy. To know that he might be the only Godly father-figure in a child’s life and what a responsibility that carries.

I am so blessed to have an awesome husband. God has been so good to us while Jeremy has been in school. I know He has a great future ahead for us and that Jeremy’s hard work will pay off. Sure, we might have been a tad bit late in getting this degree, considering most of our peers are already established in their careers. But as they say, good things come to those who wait.

Plus, I think about the people we went to school with who are just starting to have kids and I realize Jeremy and I will be pretty young still when ours are grown and out of the house!! BONUS!!