Monthly Archives: November 2008

Soccer Sam!


I have not put up any pics of Sam playing soccer yet, so I thought I’d better! Her team is good, they work hard every week and I am proud of her. She hasn’t played in 3 years but this year she wanted to get back into it and I’m glad she did, she’s having fun. I didn’t do extracurricular sports like this when I was a kid, so I have always wanted my kids to be able to do these type of things. I really want her to take piano lessons, she plays by ear and I think there is some talent that needs developing there! That sounds kind of stage-momish doesn’t it!!! When we get our van payed off-3 more payments-yay!-I’m going to see what I can do about that.

She’ll play basketball starting in January for Upwards and this will be her 2nd year. I LOVE basketball, it was the sport I played in middle school and loved. Also, Lizzie is going to be an Upwards Cheerleader and I promise that will be something to blog about!!! LOL! Right up her alley, trust me.

Halloween 2008!


As promised, here are our Halloween pics! At the last minute, Sam and I transformed her into none other than Sarah Palin! I thought she looked cute! Noah and the twins were Alvin and the chipmunks and Liz was a princess, so pretty much she was herself only with a tiara!! LOL!

Sam got some favorable comments regarding her costume and we didn’t get any candy thrown at us when we went to an Obama supporter’s home! People really liked the Alvin and the Chipmunks too. Parker kept draggin’ his bag so Papaw had to pick it up for him otherwise he would have left a candy trail a mile long! They got some GOOD candy let me just say and now I’ll have to use all my self-control to stay away from the chocolate! Greenville turned out to be a great place to go trick-or-treating!!! Hope everyone else had a great Halloween too. We normally don’t even do this but we thought it would be fun for the twins to do it at least once.