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Year in review…


I know this is a bit early but I want to write out this stuff while it’s on my mind to do so. I was thinking the other day about different things that have happened over the year and decided to write out my blessings and maybe even a few dissappointments and what I have learned from them along the way.

First up-My sister Jenny got saved this past January. HUGE praise! I have been praying for a long time for that and it just renews your faith to witness God’s plan at work.

-Jeremy graduated from the University of Phoenix with his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems. I am SO proud of him. I have to brag of course: he worked 40-plus hours a week and came home and did the Daddy/Husband thing and was on that computer no less than 25 hours a week. Pretty impressive in my book.

-Samantha turned 10 years old. A decade. WOW. Boy do I feel old at 29.

-January 10, 2008-we celebrated 10 years of marriage. Pretty cool. Of course I was pregnant for most of those 10 years but hey, that’s alright. I’m done now, unless God has another humorous adventure up His sleeve!

-Our washing machine broke down a few months ago and we really didn’t know what we were going to do. A day or two later and a knock at the door brought us someone’s used washer they no longer needed. IT WORKS GREAT! I don’t even know whose it was, but if you are reading this, THANKS!

-One of the biggest blessings is that we have not had a sick child since January of this year. With 5 kiddos you’d think at least one would get something, but no not one! Actually none of us have been sick, it’s been kinda supernatural. HONESTLY! No doctor visits since Will had bronchiolitis in January. I give God all the praise there. Thank you LORD!

-A group of ladies (or elves!) from church got together and donated their time and resources to decorate my sister’s apartment for Christmas. That was a huge blessing to me to see ladies “one-anothering” another. We take things like Christmas decorations for granted. Our small can be someone else’s big.

As far as dissappointments, I guess it’s all in how you perceive things. We have been praying for Jeremy to get a new job with more pay for obvious reasons, but so far that job has not come along. However, he has been getting to work a TON of overtime that definitely helps out. He is gone a lot though which is not our optimal plan, but we both separately started wondering if this is just where God wants him now. Sometimes you’re looking for the sun when all you see is rain, but maybe the rain is what you need. Rain helps things grow. Hmmmm, yeah, I actually did come up with that….weird.

Now, I have had the privelege of starting to homeschool our children this past September. Wow. The main reason we wanted to homeschool our kids is to have the ability to shape their character. What I did not expect was for God to come along and shape mine. It is amazing to me that God would put something on our hearts for our children, but would ultimately end up changing us from the inside out. God has certainly put a mirror in front of my heart, or more like a microscope, for me to really examine what’s in there. It’s not pretty folks, not pretty at all. There is a heart full of sin that I do not like and can’t believe He died for. I am so unworthy and so undeserving that just to wake up every morning and be with my children is like having Christmas every day-a true gift.

Every time I do or say something not particularly great, my kids are here to see it.  Now, if that doesn’t make you think and pray, I don’t know what will. It is quite humbling actually. There are days that are beautiful where everything falls into place, and there are days where we need to call in FEMA to clean up the disasterous aftermath. Such is life I suppose.

So I suppose this last portion of this little mini-novel of a post  is a mixed bag. It is a blessing that God allows me to see where I need help and improvement. I guess the dissappointing part is where I tend to fall so miserably short of who God wants me to be. 2009 is coming though…….

“Count your blessings name them one by one…..”

Thank you Lord for a great 2008!

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year….”


It is isn’t it! This is my FAVORITE time of year, for so many reasons. I just love the warmth of the Christmas season, the sights, the smells, the baking, the giving, and that little Baby that this whole season is about! It’s funny to me that we try to cram all this “stuff” into one month out of the year. At least I do! I have a list of people I want to bake for as long as my arm and I have only bought 5 gifts so far. I am usually a lot further ahead on my shopping than I am now. But I am not worried. I am so incredibly thankful that my kids are just happy-to-get-anything type of kids. I know that no matter what is under that tree December 25th, that they will be thrilled. Can you tell I don’t have teenagers?! LOL!

I am striving to really instill in my kids this Christmas that giving is the main thing. God gave his Son, we give to others, etc. I hate to think of my kids growing up and only remembering the receiving part of this time of year.

 I am just loving being able to be home with my kids, to homeschool them, and not only teach them for educational purposes but also in many other areas of life. There is just something about being around them all day and knowing you have endless opportunites to teach them love, giving, grace, mercy and many other things too. I am going to do a ton of baking this month and a lot of it will be going to other people and my kids will be a part of that. That is not much, but it’s what I can do to show love to others.

On another note, we went to Lowe’s and found a gorgeous tree this weekend. It is a Frazier Fir tree and it smells so good and it is just so beautiful. It is the most beautiful tree we have had in almost 11 years of marriage. I am proud of my tree this year, I just have to say. I have friends who go all out and put up multiple trees throughout their house and I don’t have the time or resources to do that, so for me, this is pretty special, just having a real tree decorated simply but beautifully. Here is a pic but it does not do it justice I must say!!!img_1946

I also got some lighted garland to go over the fireplace. That was oh so fun to put up. Thanks honey for your help! I also must admit I take great pleasure in seeing all 7 of our stockings hanging there too. I just feel so blessed to have 5 healthy kids when so many people would consider it a curse! Thank you Lord! Even though I never dreamed I’d have enough stockings to fill up a mantle!img_1943











I decided to take a close up of the branches on our tree. God’s creation is marvelous.


Family Night!


We promised the kids a couple Fridays ago we’d have a family night. We do them a lot but this time since it was cold outside, we told them we could make S’mores in the fireplace. So, I think we watched something on the tv and we made S’mores. I really don’t like them; give me the chocolate and I’m good, but no marshmallows please! We had fun!

mmmm good!Lizzie is proud of her marshmallow

Catching up!


Wow, I have had several things going on lately that I have neglected to blog about. First off is my Sam got 2nd place in the soccer tournament, moving up from 3rd! They played so hard and she has a cool medal to show for it. I would post pics, but I have not gotten a USB cable that fits my camera phone yet!

We also surprised my Father-in-law Kenneth with a family birthday party for his 50th b-day. It was fun and we got KFC for dinner, his favorite! It is hard to believe that he became a Grandpa at the young age of 39, a few months before he turned 40. Well, at least he is still young enough to enjoy his Grandkids! Becky too!

Happy 50th Birthday Kenneth!