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the donut shop…


The kids woke up today and decided they would like donuts for breakfast.  I was really hesitant but eventually gave in. It was 10:15 and we were heading to the donut shop instead of thinking about lunch!

For the sake of anonymity, I will not name the donut shop. We get in there and the kids go straight for the counter and start telling the man what they want. Noah ends up with about 5 for himself, and Lizzie is too dough-struck to decide which one she wants. They finally make up their minds and grab some milk and I go and pay for our  stuff. This is not an everyday occurance at our home, mind you and next time there will be a 2 donut per person limit, no exceptions. We did grab some pigs in a blanket or KOLACHES as I grew up calling them.

So the kids have a thing about eating at the place we get the food, fast food included, so I reluctantly agree to stay and eat. We get situated at the two tables and everything is going good until  Noah suddenly says “mom, I spilled my milk.” Ugh. That’s so not what I want to hear. I turn around and try to help, he has it all over his shorts and the table is a lake of strawberry milk. The gentlemen who work there were gracious enough to come clean it up while I apologized profusely! Well, I started gathering everyone up at that point, finished or not, and the next thing I know Parker is behind the donut counter and already grabbing a blueberry donut. I was mortified. I found myself apologizing once again and I told the man I would pay for the donut, but he wouldn’t let me. He was very gracious and nice, but I think he was just trying to get us out of there as quickly as possible! I think the men felt sorry for me!!

Most of the time I have no problem taking all five kids with me somewhere. I just have to let them know the behavior I expect from them and they are really good. Accidents happen and 2 yr olds will be 2 yr olds, but I just roll with it.

Although, there is one donut shop we probably won’t be visiting again any time soon.

naked as a jay bird….


or two jay birds! We had soccer practice this evening at the middle school track. The twins were off playing in the dirt, which was fine by me because that meant that they were not stalking the walkers and they weren’t trying to leave the fenced in area. So, I was diligently watching them, keeping my eye between them and the kids playing soccer, and my dear, dear buddies Terri and Jeremy stroll up to chit chat. They had gone for a walk, and saw me sitting in my folding chair and stopped by. Well, as usual we get to talking about stuff and all of a sudden Noah just non-chalantly says to me, “mom the twins are over there playing and they took their clothes off.” WHAT!? Are you kidding me? I took my eyes off for like 30 seconds….. So I turn around and to my utter horror, there they stood, with their naked paleness basking in the sunlight. Parker I am sure was the instigator of this little plan and he had found a lovely little puddle to soak his feet in, because after all, life for an almost-3 year-old is tough. I enlist the help of my two pals and we run over there amidst the laughing, gawking, walking people and quickly re-dress the boys. It was an America’s Funniest Home Videos moment. Jeremy didn’t even notice because he was so into his coaching. I have to say it was a bit embarrasing, but it was definitely funny. Such a little boy thing to do. I am Mr. PWillrealizing now why God saved these two little guys for the end of my baby-making years…..because if they were numbers 1 and 2, then 3,4, and 5 never would have had a chance! Then again, He is God…..

From the mouths of babes…


We were saying prayers with the kids tonight before bed, and it was Noah’s turn to pray. Well, he starts out by thanking God for his “beautiful, gorgeous Mom and sisters,” and then his “spiffy brothers and Daddy.” Spiffy. Now I don’t think I have ever heard an 8 year old boy use the word spiffy before. I think it’s plain funny and I had to stop myself from laughing out loud during the prayer.

Of course, I had to go up to Jeremy later and ask him if he knew he was spiffy….turns out he was not aware of his spiffiness. I have a feeling that God was laughing along too.

Just a tip


I was grocery shopping the other day -shocking I know- and normally we buy the bagged cereals because they are cheaper. Well, on a hunch I went ahead and checked the price on some of the Great Value brand cereals in the boxes and sure enough the unit price was cheaper! So, we are not buying the bagged cereals anymore!

It’s amazing how we buy into what the marketers “say” is the cheaper alternative. Truth is, they are marketing against the cheaper alternative too!

I always look at unit prices, but for whatever reason never compared the off brand cereals. I am one of those that refuses to pay $5 for a box of cereal so we go with generic most of the time.

Although I do have to have my AlphaBits fix now and again…..


Just a funny little thing Noah said a minute ago: he told me that tomorrow night he would be wearing “nicer clothes” for the movie we are going to. He literally said, “I’m stepping my game up.” ROFLOL!!!! How in the world did an 8 year old come up with that, or more pointedly, where did he hear it? I am positive he didn’t hear it from his dad…..not meaning that ugly, but he would never say that with a serious look on his face!

This would be more of a Twitter posting, but I don’t twitter….