Monthly Archives: March 2010

In the treadmill trenches….


Well, since I decided to join a gym last month, I figured I had better make use of it. I went a few times, then got ill, and finally got back in there. I have successfully walked/jogged a total of 20 miles in a week of dedicated working out. I do not know how long I will be able to keep up this momentum, and hesitated to even put this post up. But I need the accountability.

I have found that if I crank up the mp3 player to some Tobymac or Third Day, it really has an effect on the intensity of my workout. Tonight I decided to see if I could do just as good while watching tv, so I tuned in to the end of Biggest Loser and some Fox News, and it did slow my walk actually. I believe I will continue with my plan of listening to music while watching the news in the close captioned mode. It works.

I’m not much for weighing, and in fact do not own a scale. They’re evil. So I do not know my starting weight, but do know that I already feel so much better. I sleep soundly, and I definitely think twice about reaching for a soda or my fave-sweet tea. Now I ask myself, “is it worth the extra time in the gym working that off?” We also have not had fast food in a week or more, so that’s gotta help.

This gal is a work in progress, most assuredly, and I will have my sweet tea again. Just maybe not the 44 oz. size from my beloved Whataburger. Prayers have been sent up to God to help me work through various aches and pains, and He answered. I am so thankful he cares about those little things too.

Hopefully next week I’ll have some more mileage to log in here. “With God ALL things are possible!”




*I don’t know what is more sad: that I am barely finding time to update this blog, or the fact that I actually wrote this entry last week and have been so busy that I didn’t even have time to post it! Oh well, here goes!

I am no longer “At War With Myself.” I agonized long and hard over the decision to send the boys back to the preschool for next year or to keep them home. After much prayer and seeking the Lord, we decided to keep them home with me. Once I made the decision and it was final, I honestly have not thought about it anymore until today when I was asked about it. I believe I have made the best decision for our family at this point. We will not be formally schooling them next year, as I do not think they necessarily need to “do school.” We will read to them and they will do some abc/123 stuff, but nothing intense. They are still babies, and have too much playtime to partake of each day!

When the time comes for them to learn phonics and the joys of reading-I know I am fully capable of teaching them. I am sure that there will be many tears and trials, mostly on my part, but I will survive. After all, I serve a Phillipians 4:13 kind of God.

Fast food fast?


I’m standing in line today ordering food from McDonald’s, when this lady comes up to the cashier to the left of me holding out her tray she had already been given. Apparantly there was a *bug* in her food and she brought it up to show the shift manager. I paused my ordering as my cashier stared in dismay at what transpired only a few feet away. The thought went through my mind: “to flee or not to flee, that is the question.” I actually continued to order as I rationalized that there is no telling how many germs and bugs we ingest every time we eat out and that this just happens to be proof of that. We literally are taking our immune systems into our own hands every time we go out somewhere to eat. I am not bashing this practice, for we are a frequent-flying-fast-food family. Say that 5 times fast.

What I was thinking though as I sat eating my salad, is that my family needs to do a fast food fast. Not eat out for an entire month and see not only how much money we would save (a ton) but how much better we would feel. It’s not like we are ignorant of the fact that every time we eat out we are wasting money and not properly fueling our bodies. But we just get into such a comfortable attitude about it. I think most people do. I love to cook too, so for me it’s more  a need for discipline in meal planning. I was better about that when I only had 3 kids! 

I am seriously contemplating this. Wonder who else out there could use a fast food fast? For some it’s not what we are spending, but what we are eating. What are we teaching our kids about the casualness of eating a 1000 calorie meal? I always think of one of the most sobering quotes I have ever heard: “What one generation does in moderation, the next will do in excess.”