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My Forever Love


Lord, I love you and I am thankful for what you have done in me and what you are going to do through me. Lord my prayer is that you are glorified when everything’s gone wrong and we can barely utter a cry to you.


Unfinished and unraveled…


*disclaimer: Some peoples blogs are all happy and full of fun and encouragement, and I like to think mine is too for the most part. But sometimes we tend to gloss things over as if they do not exist when in fact there are words and thoughts stuffed way down that are just ready to spill out. They have to spill out somewhere and I’d rather it be here, and not thrown in harsh tones at my family or loved ones. So this is my unperfect, not well-thought out post in my unperfect and mostly not well-thought out life at this very moment in time. 

Just some heart ramblings on this Wednesday night.

The heart is such a delicate thing to break and it is full of questions.

Why was I not included in the get together? Hello, I AM a fun girl!

I don’t like the feeling of not being good enough to be included, but that’s my issue to work out.

Satan knows how to get the very best of me and I hate that with a holy passion.

Am I allowed to take a vacation from all this-it’s beginning to be too much, even for me.

I would love to have seen the Heavenly reunion of Pappaw and Daddy. I bet they’ve been talking about baseball.

Lord, I know you are there, but sometimes my glasses are smudged and it’s difficult to see you. Can you sharpen the image a bit?

It’s all gonna be ok. Your mercies are new every morning and I love that with a holy passion.

So did you hear about the one….


….where I got pulled over? LOL! Yeah, I got pulled over by a nice police officer the other day. This is only the 3rd time in 16 years of driving that I have been pulled over. The first time was completely bogus, and had nothing to do with my driving so nothing happened. The second time, yeah, I had total prego-brain, or double prego brain-since I was pregnant with the twins. I made a hasty stop at a stop sign and turned to the right way too quickly and of course, didn’t see that it was a cop that I pulled out in front of. Smart. So, I got a citation for that, but took care of it the same day and I don’t think it was a ticket or anything-I never had to pay any money or appear in court. At least I hope I wasn’t supposed to…..

So the other day, I was driving to pay a bill when I see lights flashing behind me. So I pull over. Right in front of Austin School. Yep, those kids got some extra education that day. I felt like I was on “Cops.” All these little faces stared my way through the chain link fence, watching in horror and wondering what the lady in the super cool minivan did.

I wasn’t nervous really, as I had already done a mental checklist of sorts:

Illegal drugs? No. Concealed weapons? No. Open containers? No. Insurance card? Yes. Kids in car seats? Yes. Whew.

This actually makes me laugh. You know how they say to keep your hands on the steering wheel, well I did that, and then when the officer gets to my door I have to tell him, “sorry, my window won’t roll down.” Seriously, it was embarrassing. So, I open the door and he proceeds to tell me my back passenger side brake light was out. Oh. Ok. I apologize and tell him my husband will fix it this evening. Which he did, I might add.

No ticket, no sweat. I kind of relish the fact that I’ve never gotten a ticket, so I hate to mess that record up with something silly like a back light being out. Proud much?

Happy travels!