Monthly Archives: July 2010

Minivan Moments


As all two or three of my faithful readers know, we recently took a family vacation to Florida. It was fantastic as usual, and I enjoy it so much that if it weren’t for the hurricanes, the high priced real estate, and about a million other things-I would live there! This post is not so much about the vacation as it is about what I heard from my children in the minivan on the way back from Florida. They ask about a gazillion questions and I got the idea to write some of them down because they were just plain funny.

Questions and quotes from my children:

“Do you have my cookies?”

“Mama, my toenail is shiny.”

“There’s a Subway, let’s stop for lunch.”

“I want a DONUT!”

“Mama who sings this song?”

“I just saw the PO-PO!” (yes, I must admit I call the police the PoPo. Too many Madea movies perhaps?”)

“Are we in Mississippi”

“Mama my back is itchy.”

“Do I have a fungus foot?”

“There’s an old man passing me on the right in a wheelchair!”

Ok, that last quote may have come from me, but I can’t remember for sure!


Parker Scissorhands.


Never trust a quiet house when there is a mischevious four year old in it. I came home from babysitting a friend’s children Friday night to find Mr. P had taken scissors to his dark blonde hair. Our only solution was to buzz it all off. So I did. He looks so grown up. 

This makes three out of five children that have voluntarily cut their own hair. Keeps life interesting I suppose!

The Makings of a Teenager.


That’s what I saw as I walked past my daughter’s room yesterday. There was music loudly coming out of some speakers, clothes scattered across the floor, along with various shoes. In the middle of it all, was one hazel-eyed brunette painting her nails. She had a shower and was getting ready to go babysit; typical girl stuff.

Where did the last 12 years go? I know that I tend to write about this sappy, sentimental stuff a lot, but that’s me; sappy and sentimental. I have been praying for her to draw closer to us as parents and not away from us. I have prayed very specifically for situations that are certain to arise in a developing young lady’s life. It is freeing to know that I can give these situations over to the One who knows exactly how to deal with them and who will give me the wisdom I desperately need as we go through them.

Clothes on the floor I can deal with. Painting nails and talking on the phone to girlfriends-definitely doable. Even loud music doesn’t bother me-thank God it was Christian rock and not Lady Gaga. I mean, seriously? What color is the sky in her world?

I enjoy watching her grow into a young lady. It’s fun teaching her how to cook and clean and to keep a house. We baked and deboned a chicken recently and I feel that was a valuable thing to teach! Too much convenience in today’s society that we are forgetting the art of preparing and cooking a meal from scratch for our families. 

Maybe this pre-teen stuff won’t be too bad. All I seem to hear from people is negative things. My thought is, “is it that bad, or did you not train your child in the first 12 years?” Just saying. Just being honest. I can’t judge, because I haven’t been there. But I am training. Training her for her Hebrews 12 race of life. Life is more a marathon than a sprint, and I must somehow hand her the baton of faith. We’re not ready for the hand-off just yet…but we are getting closer and closer each passing day.

Until then, we’ll keep training.