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Free with purchase? How about “free purchase!”


Seriously this is going to sound criminal. But it’s not.

I literally walked out of CVS this week with 20 SoBe Lifewater drinks without paying a cent. Zip, nada, nothing. I was so excited and the lady clerk there is getting to know me pretty well, needless to say! Plus, while I was playing the online game to win more BOGO coupons, I ended up winning Jeremy an iTunes gift card! YAY!

In other CVS news (think tv announcer here), this evening I popped in there to see if they restocked some items that I was waiting on. Well, I was bummed that they were out of the SoBe’s, seems there is someone that really likes them……but anyway, they had Dawn Dish soap on sale for .97. I just so happened to have a $1 off coupon! I also had a coupon for the new Purex 3-in-1 laundry sheets, which after ECB’s and the sale I paid .99 for. I also grabbed 6 boxes of Band-Aids. They were on sale for $1.99 a box, and I had two coupons for $3 off three boxes, which made them each .99. I checked the prices of the same bandages at Walmart, and the deal was much sweeter at CVS. So I got to the checkout, and let me tell you there is something about watching that total amount dwindle down to almost nothing that makes this mom of many so happy! Wanna know my total out of pocket? $1.93!

Moving on…..I stopped in at Walgreens after I saw in their ad a sale on Pilot Frixion Eraseable pens. They were on sale for $1.99, minus a $1 off Walgreens cpn, and I had printed a coupon from Pilot’s website to make the pens absolutely free. I don’t think the manager was real pleased with me, but hey, I got my free pens! I walked out with a huge smile on my face!

I know lately all I’ve been writing about has been coupons, but they have just transformed my shopping experiences. It is very gratifying to know that you can look inside your pantry and not have to worry about having enough washing powder for the next week, or toothpaste when the kids go to camp, or something for a quick snack or meal.

I promise I will soon be writing about my family again. In fact, I took pics of our first day back at school and I will post them soon. But for now, couponing it is!


Krazy for Kroger’s


So I went to Kroger’s tonight and this was the first time that I had a TON of coupons to use. It was a little intimidating, but when I saw the cart filled to the brim with groceries, and knowing I was going to be getting such good deals, it made all the anxiety disappear! Thanks to my purchase last weekend of 3 Dallas Morning Newspapers, and some extra coups. from a friend, I saved quite a lot tonight. 59% to be exact!

I bought $150.43 worth of groceries and spent $75.96 for them. That is probably not as good as I could have done, but it was such a great savings as it was. Kroger is having a Mega Event right now, and if you buy 8 participating products, mix and match, you will instantly receive $4.00 off of your order. Well, multiply that $4.00 times 9, and there is part of my mega savings!

Here’s what I got:

12 boxes of cereal

8 cans of Progresso Soup

6 boxes of fruit snacks

6 jugs of Sunny D

9 cans Pillsbury biscuits

6 cans Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls

2 gallons of milk

4 1lb. chubs ground beef

12 boxes of Hamburger/Tuna Helper (Noah loves HH!)

2 bottles of Welch’s grape jelly

6 boxes of Go-Gurt Yogurt

6 bags of Chex Mix

6 boxes Pillsbury Toaster Strudel

I used $114.13 in coupons. Kroger doubles their coupons so that is a huge perk to shopping there.

I already have a ton of canned veggies, and I got some Smart Chicken on sale at Brookshires, so there is some healthy stuff that will balance out all the snack items I got, lol!

My goal is to save around 75% or more on groceries, but it will take time as I continue to learn the ins and outs of couponing! Try it, it’s fun!


The CVS Report.


I went back to CVS today because they had a good deal on cereal. My family goes through cereal like nothing else so I have a mini stockpile growing here. I love it! Here’s the scoop:

CVS had Kellog’s select cereals on sale, 2 for $4. I had two $1 off 3 Kellog cereal coupons.  I grabbed 3 boxes of Raisin Bran and 3 boxes of Corn Pops @ $2 apiece. That would be a total of  $12.  I took $2 off since I had those coupons, which took my total down to $10.

But wait, there’s more. (yes, I sound like an infomercial, but trust me, this is SO much better. And you don’t have pay $19.95)

I also had $10 in Extra Care Bucks from my previous trip-you know the one where I got the free Lifewater! I’m still grinning about that one.  Soooooo, my grand total was now a big, fat, zero. YAY!

The only thing I actually paid for was a Gatorade for each of the girls, but they were even buy one get one free. I got 6 boxes of cereal for free and Gatorade for pocket change, literally!

OH, and just in case you were wondering…I do not sit and cut out coupons every week. I just look up the ones I need and clip as necessary! It’s great!

Happy shopping!

Getting my Coup-on!


I have started doing the coupon thing and so far it has been a lot of fun seeing my money being saved and getting items we need for next to nothing! My sister-in-law, Pearl, has been doing this for years and is awesome at it, so I hope to one day have a stockpile like she has! We were so blessed when I was pregnant with the twins, because Pearl stocked us up with Huggies wipes that she would get for change and give to us. We didn’t have to buy wipes for a year-it was unbelievable! My goal is to have enough around our home to be able to give any and all extras away and be a blessing to someone else.

So, here is the scoop on my CVS trip today. Well, let me back up first. I went this past Saturday to get a couple items on sale, and was able to earn some ECB’s, or “Extra Care Bucks.” I earned $7 in store credit to use on my next trip to CVS. I went to and looked at all the CVS deals for the week. What this does is matches up the coupons from past and present coupon inserts and shows you what your final price will be if you use the coupons and maximize your savings. Let me tell you what I got today, I was giddy when I left!

2 boxes Kellog’s Raisin Bran-on sale 2/$4- I had a $1 off two coupon I used making them $1.50 each

Play.Tx.Sport (do I really need to spell it out ladies??) 36ct box-on sale for $6.99-I had a $1.00 off coupon making them $5.99 each with ECB reward of $3.00-final price is $2.99

Colgate toothpaste-on sale for $2.99-I had a .50 off coupon, making it$.2.49, and that got me a ECB reward of $2.00, so final price was only .99

Gilette Fusion Pro-Glide Razor-on sale for $9.79-I had a $4.00 off coupon, and received ECB of $5.00, making the final price of the razor only .79! YEAH!!

THEN-the long awaited SoBe Lifewaters. Ok, there is a B1G1 special at CVS this week, and I also was able to print B1G1 free coupons. The best way I can explain how I got them for free, is that each coupon basically cancels the B1G1 out, therefore nothing out of pocket. I could have printed more, and may still, but I was shocked to say the least that they went through. I have read where some CVS stores have limited their customers to only 2 coupons, and then there are stores where people were literally getting cases of the SoBe for free. It’s all up to the store manager and how they want to handle the coupons.

So, for my grand finale, here are the totals:

I had $17.63 in coupons, and $6.99 in ECB’s from my Saturday trip. In total, that is $24.62 in coupon savings alone. I also earned $10.00 in ECB’s for my next trip. Yay! My total out of pocket today was $13.13 for everything I wrote above. Oh, and 1 sm. pack of M&M’s for Mr. P, and hey, even they were on sale!

Total saved- $46.31-UNBELIEVABLE!