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“Trust and obey……”


I have had that song ringing in my head a lot lately. I guess I have a hard time trusting. People let us down, and that is one of many  human flaws. But God does not deserve to be labeled untrustworthy.

This is what the Lord has been gently, mercifully, and patiently teaching me:

I need not worry about what person A, B, or C is doing over there. I am to be focused on what God is doing with me right here. This is something cool I thought of the other day. You know when you look in your side mirrors on your vehicle, and they say, “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.?” Well, it’s the same with Jesus. He’s definitely closer than He appears. Especially when no one else is around.

When I take my eyes off Jesus for even two seconds, the enemy sneaks in and tries to get me to take a different route. Much like the roads in Lamar County the route is desolate, bumpy, uneven, and full of potholes. And boy do they tear up your van.

I cannot trust in myself; a paycheck only goes so far, but the Lord will go the distance. The past few weeks have been trying to say the least. Trying on me, my family, and my poor van! When I first took my job, it was under the idea that it was to be part-time, and I would not be away from my family very much at all. After training it became abundantly clear that this was not to be the case. I decided to “help” my boss and co-worker out, and work 32-40 hours a week, so that there would not be a bunch of schedule confusion. What I didn’t realize was that helping them, was not helping me-or my husband and kids.

Basically what happened is that God allowed me to see what I was missing at home and my days were becoming increasingly miserable. I came home and cried some nights. I can’t go into detail here, but the stress had even begun to affect me physically. I was desperate to hear from God, so Sunday I prayed, “Ok Lord, what do you want me to do? You know everything that is going on in our lives and all of this is just too overwhelming God!” I prayed and asked Him to speak to me through the sermon that night, and you know what? He did. Loud and clear.

I needed to trust. God will take care of us. He reminded me that He has and always will. He has been quietly showing me too. Jeremy has been able to get some computer jobs on the side, and I take that as even more confirmation that God is in every teeny, tiny detail.

I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that we will be ok. I have complete and utter peace about quitting my job. My kids are excited too. Lizzie will not cry anymore at bedtime, and the twins will have the one constant caregiver they have only known in their 4 years back to care for them like no other can or will.

“Trust and obey, for there’s no other way, to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.”


Wednesday Wonderings.


1. Windstar woes. I got in my van this morning and was heading to work when it stalled at a light. I am pretty sure I know the problem, as this same thing happened about 6 years ago. Funny how when you call the mechanic and as soon as you mention “Windstar” they know the exact problem. Sounds like Ford needs to pay up. There should be no “star” in Windstar, because it has been anything but.

2. Water World. My home turned into an indoor water park today when the hot water heater decided to leak all over the place. Not something one wants to deal with when coming home from work and already having a car problem to repair as well.

3.Wondering? Why when my co-worker takes me to a smoke-filled restaurant for lunch today did I feel the responsibility to cough into my sleeve? That is the epitome of ironic. It’s not like anything I cough out is worse than the carcinogens floating freely in the air. I mean, really??? It was pretty icky.

4.Wavering. This gal’s faith is so NOT doing that. Things happen in life that are not fun to deal with, some just yucky, some bad, and some downright awful. I can look back at situations in my life and see how the Lord has helped to mature me in such circumstances. They are not fun when we are going through them, but we must remember that things do get better. Vans get repaired, somehow, and hot water heaters get replaced. And friends show up to lend a helping hand.

Here’s hoping that we have it all repaired and replaced by the weekend. But if not, God will work that out too.

Have faith: “Cast all your cares upon him, for he cares for you.”

Life right now….


….feels like I’m trying to fit a whole mini-series into a 30 minute episode. You know what I mean? I think I had the beginnings of a panic attack this afternoon because life is so crazy right now.

Let me hit rewind for you.

I started a new job. I’ll try and give the Reader’s Digest version here. I interviewed back in May, was supposed to start end of June, then mid-July, then the first week in August, but really didn’t start until this week. Did I mention it’s a federally funded job? Yeah, that explains a lot doesn’t it?! Anyway, I did pray about it and felt I really had nothing to lose, and so here we are. It’s more complicated than this, but like I said, Reader’s Digest version.

In case you were wondering, yes we still homeschool. Did I mention my job is only a temporary job? Thankfully it is.  Because in the fast lane of life, this gal is more of a minivan than a Maserati.

Sam is starting basketball with our local homeschool group. Noah is going to start guitar lessons-if I get the time to call and set them up that is!

Jeremy will have to have his gall bladder taken out, but not until December. It’s funny that even with insurance, it still costs an arm and a leg to have surgery; pun intended. We are saving his last three vacation days for the year and he has to use them, not for vacation, but for recovery! We will have an interesting Christmas holiday this year for certain.

I think that about catches us up for now. Stay tuned for the next episode of aretheyallyours…..!