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…when you are singing, or at least supposed to be singing. (Picture me stepping on soap box) This is the deal folks: when we are singing to our King and Savior, we should sing with hearts AND mouths wide open in full-on praise to the Lord of Lords. I don’t understand it when a praise song is being sung and it sounds more like a funeral dirge. I mean, really?

It doesn’t matter if you can’t hold a tune or if you can, just open up that mouth and let the praise fly out! Is it just me or am I being too picky or what? It just kills me to see someone standing there with their lips barely open, muttering the words to something like “Our God Reigns.” It’s like they are taking a nap with their eyes open, standing up.

We’ve all had off days, me most definitely included. But man alive, with all the good things to sing about, let’s really sing about them! Throughout scripture, joy and laughter are frequent companions of singing. We should “Make melodies in our heart to the Lord!”

Whew. Ok, glad I got that off my chest. (Picture me stepping off the soap box right now.)

Simply Simplify.


Simplify. Doesn’t that have a nice ring to it? Webster’s definition goes like this: Verb. “to make simple; to make less complex.”

This is what I am all about right now. Simplifying my life and my family’s life. I am doing my best to go through my home and declutter and throw out anything that I don’t love or use. It is amazing how much “stuff” can accumulate in just a short period of time. I don’t expect my house to look perfect and unlived in,  but I do want it to be warm, cozy and inviting.

One thing I am doing is simplifying my kids’ clothing. We are not label’s people. You know what I mean? Like we don’t have to wear a certain brand of this or that-thankfully my kids don’t care about that stuff-even the 12 year old! It’s kind of funny because I grew up wearing labels, and now I could care less. Plus there is too much stress trying to keep up with the Jones’es-who are they anyway and how did they become such trend-setters?

Seriously though, we are pairing down wardrobes to just the necessities, as much as possible that is. You can imagine the laundry for 7 people, and when you have a kid or three that want to change their clothes twice a day, it piles up quickly. Frankly, I am tired of it. Less clothing=less laundry=less water and electricity to wash and dry clothing. And more time for mom to do other things, like facebook, cooking and dishes.

Less mess=less stress!

Oh, and this process of simplifying will not include footwear….or more specifically, my footwear….because, well….they’re shoes! Need I say more?

Name Dropping.


You know what a name dropper is. Someone who casually talks about someone who they have met one time, or maybe they know someone famous, or knows the notorious “friend of a friend.”  Yeah,  actually I’m not talking about that kind of name dropping.

I’m talking about God. I’m talking about when my son was playing a computer game yesterday and he did something good and he says, “Praise the Lord!” It kind of stopped me in my tracks. Not that I have a problem with my son saying that, but it just made me think of how many times we casually say it. I’m guilty, I won’t lie.

When we get to Walmart and we find a parking spot close to the door, we’ll say it. Someone finally comes out of the only bathroom in the house and you’ve been standing there, legs crossed, eyes watering, and “Praise the Lord,” pops out when it’s our turn.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with saying “Praise the Lord,” or “Hallelujah.” I’m not preaching either, heaven knows I have no business doing that. But I just think that when we say, “Praise the Lord,” we had better mean it. I hear it so casually out of kids and adults alike that it just makes me wonder if we realize the holiness of the Lord we are ultimately giving praise to. We say it when things are good-but can we say it when things aren’t so good? The car breaks down, there is a squirrel living in your attic, and the kids are all acting crazy-can we really say, “Praise the Lord,” and mean it then?

It’s hard, but we should.

Now, there really is a squirrel in my attic, so I best be praising the Lord as I do my best to get it out of here!