Monthly Archives: January 2011



I know, I’ve been missing in action for awhile now. It’s not that I haven’t had a chance to write, or had things to write about, it’s more that I have had trouble sorting through things this past couple of months. Like someone muddied my water, you know what I mean? I’ll try to give a brief synopsis of life the past couple months to get us up to speed. If there is such a thing in the blog world.

1. In November, a friend said goodbye to her husband, and her girls said goodbye to their Daddy. That’s some tough stuff. Stuff that as hard as we try, we cannot make sense of it this side of heaven. His passing was felt all over the world by people whose lives he touched. What a legacy.

2. December came and went in a mild flurry of activity. I have decided that I will start planning for December in September, or perhaps August. Seriously, there is so much I’d like to do, that it is going to take a lot more planning on my part to get it done. Planning. I love the idea of it, but I need to work on my execution for sure.

3. Christmas was emotional for me this year. I could not for the life of me pinpoint why, but I was kind of weepy. There was a sadness that was unexplainable. After Christmas was over, I was fine. Hormones, don’t you love them?

4. Oh, I need to hit the rewind button-in October I took Sam to a concert and we had a blast! We were blessed with a pair of tickets to go see Sanctus Real, The Afters, and Leeland. I think I had more fun than the 12 year old, honestly. Or perhaps she takes after her father who isn’t as rowdy as I can be…….we did stay after the concert for over an hour just to get autographs from some of the band members. They were all as nice as could be, and it was pretty cool talking with Matt Fuqua from The Afters about homeschooling!

5. January 10, 2011-Jeremy and I celebrated 13 years of marriage. Some of it blissful, some of it not. But we’re still here, working this thing called “holy matrimony” out. What did we do on our date night you ask? We bought toilet paper. And hand soap. Because Target was having an awesome deal, and old married folks can’t pass up a good deal. Especially when you have as many rears to wipe as we do. TMI? Probably.

6. We will become the parents of a teenager this Summer. I just realized that like as soon as I woke up this morning. I don’t know why today it hit me, but it certainly hit me. Bittersweet. Bittersweet indeed.

Well, that about catches us up here. Hopefully in the coming days and future trips to the gym I will be inspired to write on a more regular basis. The gym is not only good for perspiration, but inspiration as well!