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As I was sitting here working with Lizzie on her AWANAs stuff, she asked me to spell the word “message.”  When I spelled it out loud for her, something caught my attention. There is “mess” in the word message. 

So I immediately thought of this: While we wait for a message from the Lord, there can be a lot of mess. Right now in my own life-there is a lot of mess, usually in the form of a few 4-year olds, and there may or may not be a Pull-up diaper involved. Nice. God never promised me this road I am traveling would be an easy one-and I do know that, but sometimes we don’t expect the road to be so muddy and messy.

So right now, here in the muck and the mire, there are lessons to be learned. I already spilled the beans about my pridefulness, but there are other things the Lord has been kindly showing me these past three weeks. The recent events in my family have motivated me to be an even better parent than I was before. My children deserve the best mom-spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically (let’s not go there right now!).

As parents, we know that it takes a lot of patience to discipline children in a loving and effective manner. Boy has my patience been tried lately. I have been driven to tears by a 4 year old who did not want to sit in his car seat. It should not take 15 minutes to buckle a child into their seat-but these are unusual circumstances. Messy circumstances. The Lord is growing my patience daily. Sometimes hourly 🙂

God works in the mess. The situation we are currently dealing with involves a lot of people and will have far-reaching effects. There is no telling how or what God will use to bring glory to himself in this. But I know through a broken vessel, his light will shine brightest. My eyes have been opened and my prayer is now that God will use me in the mess.

After all, there is a “me” in mess too.

Got Pride?


I do. I have to admit it, I am a proud person. I never used to think I was, but the Lord has revealed to me that I have a sin problem with pride. I don’t really know if there are categories or types of pride, but I’ll tell you what my problem is. I’m a fixer. I like to fix things and figure things out on my own and…..

……I have a really hard time asking people for help. I have no trouble asking God for help, but there are a great many times when the Lord provides his help through people, and there is no telling how many blessings I have missed out on or how many people who were robbed of getting to be a blessing. What’s my reason? I never want to burden anyone, even though God’s Word clearly states, “Bear ye one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ.” 

 I have this idea in my head that since Jeremy and I have 5 kids that we should perhaps be self-dependent. Starting a family when you are a teenager, you feel the need to prove yourself to all of the naysayers. We had to prove our marriage would last, that we could provide for our kids, etc. and in the beginning we didn’t really depend upon the Lord, it was just us. Or we thought it was just us. So I suppose when we figured out that we could handle things on our own, we just kept doing it. There is a definite sense of pride that comes with that. Even after the twins came along, we would rarely ask for help. Because after all, asking for help would be a sign of weakness-and *gasp* what kind of Christian mom would I be if I admitted I couldn’t do it on my own?

A normal one. An honest one.

The Bible says that “His strength is made perfect in our weakness.” Why on earth would I deny the Lord of heaven and earth the opportunity to show His power in my life? Pridefulness. It is not a pretty sin.

It’s even hard for me to admit to this, if I’m being honest. Pride. No one likes to admit to having sin issues. Just a thought: As Christians, what is one, main fact that binds us all together? It’s the fact that we are ALL SINNERS! Why do we take such pains to cover up the very thing that should make us crawl towards Calvary? A-hem….do I really have to mention the “P” word again?

So I am working on this area of  laying down my pride and humbly asking for help. I have confessed my sin to the Lord and I pray to never fall back into the old pattern of self-dependence, although I am sure we will hit some snags along the way.

Lord, humble me. Help me be the servant daughter you created me to be. Help me to  never forget how much I need others, and that there are others that need me. When I see a need, help me fill that need, and when I am needy, let my pride not get in the way. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.