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Blogs Happen.


Blogs happen, and in the most unusual places sometimes. I was waiting in the drive-thru line to get the 3 little boys some donut holes for breakfast before school today and a song came on the radio that I hadn’t heard in years. As I was listening to the lyrics and singing along, I began to think of friends and some difficulties they are facing in their lives right now and our situation too. Suddenly I found myself in line for donut holes….crying. Good grief. It was a mixture of sad and happy tears-girls you know the kind. Here’s why:

The Lord already knows the end. He wrote the story.

 So why do we keep trying to re-write it? We need to keep our eyes fixed on the One whom the story is about. Satan tells us that we should be living an autobiography. “Write your own tales of adventure and self-discovery,” he taunts. But that is wrong. We are to be living biographies; illustrating with our lives the glorious gospel that saved us and transforms lives. So I cry thankful tears because I know God is in control and that if I would just let him, he will direct my path. I know myself too well and mess things up pretty good when I try and come up with my own way to remedy a situation. And how much of life is really in my direct control anyway?

The song is “When I Let it Go,” by Sierra. They had some really good songs back in the day and the messages in them still hold true. I have to trust that God is going to work this stuff out for my good; that’s what I’m learning in my life. I am learning to trust. I don’t trust easily so maybe that’s why God has me on this year long journey. If I can trust him with my salvation, why can’t I trust him with every other detail in my life?

Here is a link to the lyrics as it won’t let me copy them here.

Learning to let it go……….