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Saying Goodbye.


Just two weeks ago I said goodbye, or more appropriately, “See you later,” to one of my BFFs and her sweet family. Jaime and her pilot hubby Jason, along with their 3 kiddos, left to serve the Lord in Papua New Guinea and will not be back in the states for 4 years. You can read about their journey here

Saying goodbye is never easy. This girl is special. She’s my “sole sister.” We both love Converse shoes,( hence the sole reference), ┬áMadea, and music that probably won’t make it into the Sunday morning song service at church. ­čÖé She’s one of those friends that you just give a look to and she knows what you’re thinking.

But the coolest thing about Jaime is that she loves Jesus. She loves Him enough to pack up her entire family and a small portion of her house and move across the world to serve Him. She inspires me and she sharpens my iron as a friend. And if you’ve never heard her pray….. You’ve missed a blessing. I honestly never heard someone pray for me the way she has. I remember once when we were getting ready to sing a choir song that I had a solo in and she knew how special the song was and she stopped me beforehand to just pray over me, the song, and the service. She’s prayed for my kids when they’ve gone through a rough time. She just pours out her heart to God and it’s beautiful.

God allowed them safe travels and they are settling in to their new surroundings. I was told they are eating well and the kids are settling into school too. Answer to prayer! What makes it easier for me is knowing that she is obeying God’s call on her life and that the safest and best place for her to be is in the center of God’s will.

I miss my “Partner in Crime,” (as she appeared on my contact list in my iphone ;). But I rest in the fact that God’s doing something great in her life and we get to be a part of that too. Until we meet again, preferably at the Orange W,…….

Love you JBrew.

15 Years.


Today marks 15 years of marriage for Jeremy and me. It’s so cliche, but time has flown by.

We were young when we got married, 18 and 19 years old, just babies really! Babies……having a baby. Then 2 more babies came before I turned 23. Sounds kinda……small town, doesn’t it? There are other phrases I can think of, but I digress. :0

I’d like to say these 15 years have been just perfect, but as anyone who has been married for more than a month knows, they haven’t. That’s not to say they haven’t been blessed because they have. What have I learned about marriage in 15 years? Well……

It’s hard.

It’s a lot of work.

It doesn’t work if you’re both selfish.

It doesn’t work well if you put all your energy into your kids and leave no time for your spouse.

You must be willing to forgive. Even when you hurt. Even when you think you can’t take anymore, forgive. God will bless you and your marriage.

Jeremy and I have so much to be thankful for. I was not saved when we got married and there was a lot of adjustments at first, and we still have issues some days! We do not deserve what He has given us: 5  healthy, beautiful kids, wonderful in-laws, a cozy home, the best friends anyone could ask for, and an abundance of other blessings.

My prayer is that our children see Christ in the middle of our marriage. They are going to repeat what they live and I hope we haven’t scarred them too much, lol.

Here’s to living out an imperfect, but Christ-centered marriage for our children and their children as well. It’s been an interesting ride so far, so I’m hanging on as we look forward to the next 15!