This blog is the random ramblings of a 29 year old (and holding) wife and mother of 5. Yes I wrote 5, hence the blog name “are they all yours.” Next time I am asked this by some total stranger in the store, I might just ask them, “hey, do you see another frazzled lady with a stained t-shirt wearing her husband’s shoes? They belong to her.”

If you had 5 kids, you too would get asked that question frequently and might be the writer of a blog with the same title. Do I like getting asked that question by strangers-no, not all of the time.  Do I LOVE being a Mom to 5 kids- absolutely. Now that’s a question I don’t mind answering.


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  1. Hey just come across your blog. I too was 29 with five children, my youngest then was five!! Now I’m 40 and we’ve fit in another three since then. Good to come across another happy mama of a larger than average family.xx

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